Know how to achieve Healthy Lifestyle

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‘Hi, I’m on diet today.”

“I want to keep myself fit. “

“Eat Healthy, you’ll live longer.”

These are some phrases which we do hear almost every day from our parents. Friends or colleagues.  It has become a trend to live healthy lifestyle. Since 2020 world has been hit by pandemic, it has become more necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle. The word healthy and lifestyle, combined and individual are so much used, let’s recall what they actually mean. If we talk about healthy, context to refer to also matters. Suppose if a person is concerned then healthy would refer to free from sickness, physically fine, safe and sound or a chubby person could also be referred as healthy and if food or diet is concerned then it would refer to nutritious, satisfying, and full of greens and fruits and raisins.

‘Healthy Lifestyle’ refers to the way of living which can improve the quality of life by various means such as eating healthy, keeping our-self fit , exercising regularly . Sounds good? Well it isn’t as easy as it looks by reading. Initially when you start trying it, a simple exercise may make you give up but after you get into a healthy routine, you’ll start feeling the changes. By following healthy lifestyle doesn’t only revolves around food only , the way you sit , the way you’re feeling mentally as well as physically are also included . Healthy lifestyle refers to maintaining both mental as well as physical health.

Health Suggestions

To spend a healthy lifestyle:-

  • Eat timely and regular meals.
  • Think positive and indulge yourself in activities which makes you happy.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Take walk after every meal.
  • Drink adequate water.
  • Sleep for sufficient hours.
  • Meditate

We often are conscious about the way we look and we even spend a large amount on our looks only. Do you think it actually matters? One can’t change the way they look, it’s in our genes since birth and one should learn to love and accept the way they are. Do you actually think if one is looking fit and fine physically is healthy? May be that person is suffering internally by having digestion problems. It’s possible. To look healthy doesn’t mean you’ll diet on a repetitive note, as it decreases the metabolism and your body won’t act same like before. The fact around some area like hips, body shape is dependent on genes but around torso, it is fat and may increase the risk of heart disease.

At last , I would like to conclude by stating just love yourself the way you’re , exercise regularly , try to indulge yourself in positive environment and don’t skip meals.

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