India, Food and an Incessant Odyssey- Health Matters

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There will hardly be anyone who hasn’t had a bite of panipuri in India. The street food is tempting, scrumptious and drools worthy. What else is needed after a long tiring day at the work than a plate of samosas and chutney or a vaggani mirchi bhaji? Well, it’s indeed cool to grab a grub on the way but at the risk of health? Definitely no.

Diverse options available:

From haleem, chane and chole in north to bhajjis, fishes and biriyani down south, its nothing less than a food lover’s heaven. Dishes like paneer butter masala and dosais have proved to be a winner across the nation.

Fusion food impressing Indians:

The traditional food is invincible in the heart of Indians but slowly and steadily food from other countries are seeping into the subcontinent and making a place in the heart of our bellies. Who would have thought that a Chinese bhel, tandoori momos or a gulabjamun with baked Alaska would please our platter so much?

The cheesy obsession:

As the food scene emerges and the eaters shift out of their comfort zones, a new trend of adding cheese, coke and noodles also makes its way in. Leaving the foodies stunned(in a not so good way) the obsession has gained a lot of hype, all thanks to food vloggers.

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Quality of food:

Most Indians have heard from their parents that the jaljeera served on roadside has been made with sewage water. Is it true? Maybe not so much but the concern about hygiene indeed is. Most of the street side food stalls don’t follow a very hygienic procedure while preparing the items they sell. Also many cases have been reported about finding a fly, hair or even lizards sometimes in restaurant food.

Health risks:

An average man in urban India requires 2000kcal every day to maintain a healthy weight. But, the calorie dense food makes it impossible for people to be in the healthy weight range. Almost 30% living in urban and 15% living in rural areas are obese. Only 5 cases of bariatric surgery were reported in 2001 and within 20 years the number has rose to tens of thousands. All of it can be attributed to the unpleasant eating habits. Other than that heart and liver diseases can always be sensed around.

Putting a little moderation upon food quality and ones eating habits, increasing the exercise and the physical work one does, the odyssey of food can be continued till time and infinite.

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