Healthy Living- The Perfect Balance Of The Body And The Mind

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Even though it is difficult to put a finger on what exactly is the meaning of Healthy Living, we can come to the conclusion that it can be broadly termed as the perfect balance of physical and mental health. Also, physical and mental health goes hand in hand and one reinforces the other.

We will thus categorise the components of Healthy Living into Healthy Diet, Regular Physical Exercise and Mental Health.

Healthy Diet

Our diet is perhaps the most important part of our being and determines our physical health to a great extent. Different age groups have different eating patterns and it is essential to have a balanced and nutritious diet throughout our life.

We must always include a lot of leafy vegetables, lean meat, whole grains and fat-free dairy products in our diet and avoid food that contains sugar, cholesterol saturated fats andtrans fats. Eating three meals daily- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is the perfect way to eat healthy. Also, eating a lot for dinner is a bad idea as our body hardly gets the time to digest all of it once we go off to sleep. We must never overeat. The best practice is to eat the least amount that satisfies our hunger and stop eating after that. Finally, we must never resort to stress eating. It will not solve any of our problems but will only make things worse for us by having adverse effects on our health.

Healthy Lifestyle

Physical Exercise

Human beings are meant to regularly use their body for various physical activities. In this modern world, when technology makes every step easier for us, we often end up lying physically idle most of the time. This is detrimental to a Healthy Living.

Exercising regularly goes a long way in keeping our body and mind in the perfect condition. It also prevents various diseases and keeps us young for a long time.

Mental Health

As we have already mentioned, Healthy Living is incomplete without the perfect balance of physical and mental health. We need to be at the right state of mind and in control of our emotions at all times.

In order to maintain our mental health, we can resort to introspection where we think about our own self, our actions and words. Regular discussions with people on various topics also go a long way in this.

Thus, we can only practice Healthy Living when our body and mind is in the perfect shape. This does not come naturally and takes some effort on our part. Ensuring these few basic aspects will definitely help in living a healthy and long life.

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